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Our philosophy

Our economy will improve, but the most important thing is to improve our planet. That is the reason for our blog, where each post is thinking to reflect on each topic.
hello renewable

Hello! we are here breaking into the renewable energy market in a different way. We are not going to sell energy, but to achieve that you increasingly pay less for it.

Our priority is to create social, collective and public awareness of the importance of climate change. It is a fact. Those who are determined to deny it will run out of speech.

We are achieving this goal through our blog so that everyone can put this philosophy into practice. Our economy will improve, but the most important thing is that our planet improves. This is the raison d ' être of our blog where each post is thought to reflect on each topic. Gadgets you will find later in our store, you can call them as you want. As things of particular use, you just accommodate them to your domestic life or your workplace as you like.

hello renewable

We initially focus on solar energy and we think that it is very important that people know clearly that you don't need to pay to electric companies if you have resources that will prevent it. These resources are the gadgets t we sell at hellorenewable.

At hello renewable we want to tell you that we are excited about this project because it has to do with facilitating people’s life. What if you have a solar mobile charger instead of an electric one? How about heating your house with solar shingles? You buy them only once and pay them off soon.

For that reason, we say hello to a cleaner dynamics of life, greener and especially more transparent and easier to handle.

hello renewable

At hello renewable you will find a hammock that works with solar energy and it supplies power to any device such as a portable Solar LED bulb for few euros. If we say hello, it is because we also say hello to you in order for you to join this necessary, plural and fair conversation.

Our values

hello renewable as a working group

As a working group

Our motto is the respect for the environment and be able to disclose it. Making this a way of life will position us as a company. Our belief is that it is possible to pollute less, produce less waste, recycle more and take advantage of natural resources.

Hi renewable, our model is the same nature

Our model is nature itself

Its processes, evolution, degradation and renewal. This is the secret for a product or service to be part of a true circular economy in which we believe strongly and to which David W. Pearce and Kerry R. Turner gave name.

Mollie Beattie —

Economy and environment are the same thing. That is the rule of nature.

Join this start-up

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you are worried about the environment, get in touch with us.